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TryIT - Human resource management at Maze Green Yachts

maze_green_medium3Now that you have considered some of the key issues relating to human resource management, you may like to see how effectively you can motivate staff in a major yachts manufacturer.

In the window below is the Maze Green Yachts online business simulation. In this, you get to see how well you can run a major international yacht manufacturer.

To test how well you can motivate their staff, go to the Maze Green business simulation (you can either do this in the window below or you can open it in a separate window by following the previous link).

In the simulation you can change the levels of pay for the various different staff (administration, production and marketing staff). You can also invest in factory improvements and other capital equipment that will help to create a better working environment and therefore better motivated workforce. Try running the simulation for a few quarters and then consider the following questions.


Question 1

Identify three examples of 'motivators' and 'hygiene factors' (as identified by Herzberg in his two-factor theory) at Maze Green Yachts.

Question 2

Run the simulation for four quarters without increasing the level of wages and salaries at all. What was the impact on productivity of the workforce? Analyse the reasons why.

Question 3

When looking at their pay packets, the staff at Maze Green Yachts, tend to look at the 'real wage'. What is meant by the 'real wage'? Explain the reasons this is more important than their 'money wage'?

Question 4

Run the simulation for four quarters while increasing the amount spent on investment. What impact would you expect this to have on productivity? Did what you expected happen? If not, explain the possible reasons.

Question 5

Analyse the problems that Maze Green Yachts are likely to face if they fail to plan ahead and recruit new staff in advance of increases in demand.

Question 6

Evaluate the most appropriate training strategy for Maze Green Yachts to adopt for training their production staff.

Question 7

Discuss any additional motivational factors that you would like to introduce in addition to those available in the simulation?