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DragIT - Build a Herzberg diagram

In the diagram below, choose whether each item given is a "Motivator" or "Hygiene factor". Drag them into the appropriate place on the diagram and then see if you are correct. Once you have done that, you may like to try the questions below.



Herzberg - Hygiene factors

How would you define 'hygiene factors'?

Hygiene factors were identified by Frederick Herzberg as factors that can lead to workers being dissatisfied. He argued that to improve worker's motivation, firms needed to improve these hygiene factors. Hygiene factors may include pay and conditions, company policy or the way people are treated at work.Check your answer


Herzberg - Motivators

How would you define Herzberg's 'motivators'?

Motivators are factors which help employees to gain job satisfaction, such as recognition of the job they are doing. An increase in motivators is required to improve job satisfaction.Check your answer