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Employee and employer associations - case study 2


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The UK Post Office

The Post Office is the mail delivery company for the UK. They have a monopoly over letter delivery. However, management have recently been in dispute with their workers. The Post Office Workers Union has organised strike action against the level of pay earned by sorting and delivery staff and proposed changes in working conditions and terms of their contracts that may lead to redundancies.

Read the following articles which highlight the issues in the dispute and then answer the questions below:


Question 1

Explain why stakeholder conflicts exist in this dispute.

Question 2

Examine the ways in which those employees who remain with the Post Office will have to change their work practices.

Question 3

Analyse the results of the industrial dispute on both the Post Office and employees and its likely impact on motivation, performance and efficiency.

Question 4

To what extent does the monopoly position of the Post Office affect its relationship with its employees?