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Oil - the rise and rise

Read the article 2011 Halftime Report: Oil Outlook Remains Strong and then answer the questions below. You can either read the article in the window below or you can follow the previous link to read the article in a separate window.


Question 1

Define the following terms used in the text of the article 'Halftime Report':

  • Supply and demand fundamentals
  • Bull market

Question 2

Using diagrams, as appropriate, explain the changes that have taken place in the oil market.

Question 3

Analyse the extent to which the rise in oil prices has been as a result of policies pursued by OPEC - the oil cartel.

Question 4

Analyse the extent to which the increase in oil prices will impact on countries in the developed world

Question 5

Discuss the likelihood of oil prices rising further.

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Extension exercises:

Focusing on supply and demand factors over the next 2 to 3 years, write a 500 to 1000 word report on one of the following:

  • the market for oil and gas
  • the market for wind power generated electricity
  • the effect of further increases in the price of oil.