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DragIT - Build a balance sheet

Maze Green Yachts have had a major crash of their computerised accounting software and their balance sheet is only partially complete. Drag the figures on the right onto the balance sheet in the appropriate places to build the balance sheet for Maze Green Yachts as at December 31st 2010.

If you get stuck, you may find the hints below helpful. Once you have built the balance sheet you may like to have a go at the questions below.



Balance sheet terms

Match the definitions/descriptions below with the term to which they refer. (N.B. You may find it helpful to refer to the completed balance sheet above)

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Balance sheet

Choose appropriate terms from the options below to make up an appropriate description of the balance sheet.

A balance sheet can be likened to a of the position of a firm at a particular moment in time. It will always therefore be headed Balance sheet for XYZ as at December 31st 2005 (or whatever year). The two halves of the balance sheet must . In other words must be equal to net assets. The top half of the balance sheet will have (land, buildings etc) and (cash, debtors and stock). From this will be deducted . These are made up of creditors and any short-term borrowing. The bottom half of the balance sheet is made up of (the total value of the shares when issued), the (outstanding borrowing) and (the profit and loss each year is added to this).

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