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Company accounts - rebuild a set of accounts


CheapSkate plc has just completed their year's trading and produced the following figures. Using the data below construct the balance sheet and the profit and loss account for the company. All the figures are included and if placed in the correct order and location should ensure the accounts balance. The end of the financial year is March 31st.

N.b. dividends, interest and taxes have not yet been paid.

Overdrafts 50
Net Profit after interest and tax 200
Costs of goods sold 2500
Dividends 100
Sales revenue 5000
Reserves 1550
Net profit before interest and tax 400
Net current assets 150
Capital employed 2400
Debtors 250
Gross profit 2500
Cash 100
Stock 250
Plant 1200
Debentures 50
Nets assets 2400
Share capital 500
Buildings 500
Taxation 100
Creditors 200
Interest 100
Retained profit 100
Motor vehicles 250
Bank loans over one year 200
Expenses 2100
Furniture and fittings 300
Net current assets 150

After you have prepared your answers, follow the links to the balance sheet and profit and loss account below to check your answers.

Balance sheet

Profit and loss account