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2.1 The level of overall economic activity (questions)

Past Paper Essays

Nov 2013

3. (a) Explain how changes in the size of the circular flow depend on the relative size of injections and leakages.
        [10 marks]

    (b) Evaluate the use of national income statistics for making comparisons of the standard of living over time.
         [15 marks]

In this section are a series of questions on the topic - the level of overall economic activity. The questions may include various types of questions. For example:

  • Short-answer questions - a series of short-answer questions to help you check your understanding of the topic
  • Case studies - questions based around a variety of information
  • Long answer - questions requiring an extended/essay type response
  • Data response - responding to data or topical economics news articles

Click on the right arrow at the top or bottom of the page to work through the questions.