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A legal right to drill, but do they have a moral right?

Read the article Nigeria's agony dwarfs the Gulf oil spill (you can do this in the window below or follow the previous link to read the article in a separate window) and then consider answers to the questions below.


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Question 1

Explain the difference between morals and ethics.

Question 2

Explain why the oil spills in Niger Delta have not received the same publicity as the BP Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Question 3

Analyse possible strategies that may be used by pressure groups to try to prevent Oil Companies from drilling in environmentally sensitive areas

Question 4

The oil companies are "as likely to curtail their hunt for new sources of energy as turkeys voting for Christmas", says Friends of the Earth.

Discuss the view that pollution is the acceptable by-product of the search for new sources of scarce resources as it preserves the standard of living of consumers around the world and maintains the profits and employment levels of major corporations.