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Pack contents

This pack has a range of materials related to economics. The next section has a full economics glossary and this is then followed by:

  • Fundamental economic concepts - this section looks at what might be termed a series of 'threshold concepts' for economics. Key, over-arching concepts that it is important to know for any economics course.
  • Key terms - there are key terms sections for all the main economics topics:
    • Microeconomics
    • Macroeconomics
    • International economics
    • Development economics
  • Famous economists - who developed all the economic theories that we now study in economics? Find out some background on the best known economists from the 18th century right up to the present.
  • Branches of economics - what are all the different branches of economics and what do they mean? Find out more about terms like 'neo-classical', 'laissez-faire' and 'Keynesian'.
  • International organisations - what are all the key international organisations that monitor, regulate and organise world trade? Have a look at them in this section.
  • Games and activities - why not test your knowledge of economic concepts and definitions with our flash cards, crosswords and other questions?

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