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Data response (3)

Source: the Namibia pages of the CIA World Fact Book

Labor force - by occupation:

agriculture: 16.3%
industry: 22.4%
services: 61.3%
note: statistics are for the formal sector only; about half of Namibia's people are unemployed while about two-thirds live in rural areas; roughly two-thirds of rural dwellers rely on subsistence agriculture (2008 est.)

Unemployment rate:

51.2% (2008 est.)
country comparison to the world: 193
36.7% (2004 est.)

Population below poverty line:

note: the UNDP's 2005 Human Development Report indicated that 34.9% of the population live on $1 per day and 55.8% live on $2 per day (2005 est.)


Read the article Economic Recovery Not Up to Speed and then answer the questions below.


Question 1

According to the article economic growth in Namibia in Southern Africa is slowing down. Describe how economic growth measured.

Question 2

Although the Central Bank of Namibia may adjust its growth forecast downwards the rate of economic growth in Namibia may still be positive. To what extent does this indicate that welfare of it population is improving?

Question 3

Namibia is heavily dependent on the production and export of primary products. Analyse the possible effects of a slowing of growth in the primary industry and agricultural sectors of the economy.

Question 4

Evaluate alternative measures of development that the government of Namibia could target to measure improvements in the welfare of its citizens.