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Syllabus: Strengths and weaknesses of market oriented policies

A number of case studies have been chosen to help you evaluate the impact of market orientated policies. Some focus on the strengths and some focus on the weaknesses. Each case study has accompanying set of points of reflection that can be used to focus on the issues.

Syllabus: Strengths - Discuss the positive outcomes of market-oriented policies, such as:

  • liberalized trade and capital flows,
  • privatization and deregulation), including a more efficient allocation of resources and
  • economic growth.

Syllabus: Weaknesses - Discuss the negative outcomes of market-oriented strategies, including:

  • market failure,
  • the development of a dual economy and
  • income inequalities.
Note the command words are included in the Syllabus statement so a Data Response Qd could be about this discussion

For example:

May 2014

Q4d Using information from the text/data and your knowledge of economics, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of market-oriented policies used by African governments to encourage economic growth.

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