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The student topic pack that accompanies this teacher pack has been designed primarily as a self taught topic. This fits in with the IB thinking that students should be independent learners.


It is hoped that the student could work through the student notes at their own pace and achieve all the learning aims and objectives and learning outcomes. The student pack is designed to be completed in the order it appears as the learning is sequential and each topic builds upon the next. It is not recommended to teach the topic out of order. The student pack has been written in the same order as that found in the Chemistry specification.


The teacher’s role would be to support the student in their learning, help to clarify problems when they arrive and to supplement the learning with practical work where appropriate (see later).



Key teaching points and teaching ideas


This section of the teachers guide will deal with the key teaching points in the unit and give the teacher some ideas on how to approach the teaching of some of the more difficult concepts, as well as providing some ideas for lab work.


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