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Example - A simple project network


Let's look at another fully worked example:

Example 2: A simple project network

Stage 1 Activity list

Activity Dependency Duration (days)
A Start 1
B Follows A 2
C Follows A 1
D Follows B 3
E Follows B and C 1
F Follows E 1
G Follows D and F 2

Stage 2 Draft logic diagram

Try drawing the draft logic diagram - is there a dummy? When you have prepared your diagram, follow the link below to see if it corresponds with ours.

Draft logic diagram - answer

Stage 3 Completed network, time and calculated.

Complete the network diagram showing durations and EST/LFT and, when you have completed the diagram, follow the link below to check your answer.

Network diagram - answer

Stage 4 Critical path

Now add the critical path to complete the network diagram and follow the link below to check your answer.

Critical path - answer

Stage 5 Float analysis

Prepare a table showing the free float and total float for the project. Once you have had completed this, follow the link below and see how you got on.

Free and total float - answer