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Use of networks


Network planning is an efficient and effective way of

  • Planning
  • Scheduling and
  • Controlling

Complex projects, in fact especially complex projects, may require the use of CPA. A rule of thumb is that if you can control the project by hand you probably do not need CPA. If you have to use a computer, then CPA is just the thing!

It provides a useful way of breaking down complex projects into easily understandable stages. It helps identify the fastest time in which a project can be completed. It can be used to establish priorities and to allocate resources.

It is especially useful as a means of controlling a project during its execution, and devising plans to overcome difficulties and allocate resources.

It can be used to put all activities into priority order, not just the critical ones. This is important when it comes to progress review meetings. This priority setting is done through a process known as float analysis.