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CPA Stage 3 - tidying and simplifying

Tidy and simplify the diagram. Lines should be horizontal or slope forwards, showing that later activities follow on.

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It is common when first drawing a network to accidentally add extra activities that should not be there. Check that all of your activities have a letter - except a dummy activity. Getting rid of these activities normally needs one activity line to be extended or moved diagonally.

Adding information to the nodes

A node is normally split into three sections


Figure 5 Network nodes

Part 1 - the identity number
Part 2 - the earliest start/finish
Part 3 - the latest start/finish.

The tidied logic diagram therefore looks like this. However, we will need to add more information to each of the nodes. The node numbers usually begin with 0 or 1.


Figure 6: tidy logic diagram

Real projects will often involve hundreds of activities, and are usually managed using computer simulations.


Examiner advice

Our diagrams are quite small so they fit neatly onto the page of your notes. When you are working on a CPA, however, make the diagram as large as you can as this prevents mistakes resulting from misreading of numbers. It also allows you to add information to the nodes that are clear to you and the examiner! You may even choose to turn the page sideways if it is a complicated diagram.