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Retail quality and brand image - questions

Read the articles Can Johnson & Johnson get its act together? and Asda makes 27m investment in food quality (you can do this in the window below or follow the previous link to read the article in a separate window) and then answer the questions below.


If you wish, you may like to read the full article about Johnson and Johnson in the New York Times (you may need to set up a free account to do this):


Question 1

Define the terms:

  • Supply chain
  • Representative sample

Question 2

Explain how 'removing unnecessary middlemen along the way', has helped Asda enhance the quality of their fresh food and keep prices low for customers.

Question 3

Examine the impact of quality issues in the Johnson and Johnson group on its brand image.

Question 4

To what extent would a TQM approach help Johnsons and Johnson improve quality control at McNeil?