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Task - Benchmarking report

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Benchmarking success for Hyundai

Hyundai, South Korea's largest automaker, reported that it boosted sales 28% in the US in 2011. The Sonata sedan and new Elantra small car led gains for the Seoul-based company, surging more than 100% and 54% respectively over 2010 sales.

Focusing on exports requires producing internationally competitive products, which in turn requires the highest quality. Hyundai Motor's rise has tracked its determination to succeed in the US market. Hyundai seriously blundered when it first entered the US market, because its cars were perceived as low-quality. The company rebounded by targeting Toyota as the quality benchmark to beat while also appealing to consumers by offering the best warranties in the US market.

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Working in a group with 2/3 others, research the background of Hyundai and its recent export drive into the US and Europe. Produce a report for the board of Hyundai, identifying aspects of its business that need to be benchmarked and suggest which of its competitors should be the focus of a benchmarking exercise and explain why.