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'Green' Gifts


Read the article French go for 'green' gifts (you can do this in the window below or follow the previous link to read the article in a separate window) and then consider answers to the questions below.


Question 1

Describe what is meant by the term 'low carbon gifts'.

Question 2

Explain why 'environmental concerns' are now so important in marketing decisions.

Question 3

Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of linking a firm's corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitments to its marketing strategy

Question 4

"A study by online survey firm Vivodi for PriceMinister showed eight out of 10 people would be happy to receive a used item as a gift and that younger consumers were more open to the idea, but Gilles Goldenberg, author of the Deloitte study, cautioned that environmental concerns are not the overriding consideration when buying used goods."

Evaluate other types of market research that could be conducted to examine the attitudes of the consumers to buying used goods.