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The Business of Ageing


Japan's population has already peaked, and the first of the "baby boomer" generation are due to retire next year. As a result, by 2050 the population is forecast to fall from 127m to just over 100m.

Japan is set to be the 'greyest population' in the world with 40% over 65 years of age by 2050, leading to spiralling health and social security bills that will have to be financed by a working population that is already in decline.


Read the article Solving Japan's age-old problem (you can do this in the window below or follow the previous link to read the article in a separate window) and then consider answers to the questions below.

For further background on Japan's fallen population please read the following article


Question 1

Define the terms:

  • demographic change
  • innovation.

Question 2

Explain how some Japanese manufacturers have changed their product mix in response to the ageing population.

Question 3

Analyse how demographic change can impact on business objectives and strategy.

Question 4

Discuss how Japanese producers can use market segmentation, targeting and positioning to differentiate their products from competitors.