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Billboards, posters and advertising hoardings

heineken_ad_sOutdoor advertising has existed for centuries in many forms, promoting local events such as plays and entertainment - including no doubt Gladiatorial combat and Shakespeare productions. Posters and billboards are excellent ways of informing and reminding customers of products and brands.

Outdoor advertising has often been accused of failing to engage because of its static nature. However, advertisers have found new and innovative ways of using these traditional advertising forms by imaginative placement and design and by incorporating the latest technologies using movement and sound. For example, when watching Champions' league football and other major sporting events, it is difficult to ignore the constant changing of the electronic hoardings around the ground. Billboards, posters and hoardings now incorporate interactive features as shown in the following videos:

Advantages of advertising on billboards, posters and advertising hoardings

  • Can be effectively targeted geographically
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Can be effective at building awareness and reinforcing brand identity
  • Can be made to be visually stimulating
  • Relatively high coverage if situated appropriately
  • Increasing use of technology makes outdoor advertising more versatile, eye-catching, interactive and engaging

Disadvantages of advertising on billboards, posters and advertising hoardings

  • Difficult to convey much information
  • Can be lost in amongst other elements of the urban landscape
  • Difficult to target specific market segments (except through location)
  • Difficult to monitor the effectiveness and return on expenditure
  • Prone to damage from weather and vandalism
  • Pressure groups campaigns against advertising clutter in the environment