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Newspaper and magazine advertising

The print market is coming under pressure from digital news and entertainment output, but nonetheless national newspapers and magazines still hold the loyalty of millions of readers and represent the whole range of opinions and lifestyles within a population. It is relatively easy for potential advertisers to establish the demographics of the target market and advertise to a mass market or focus their advertising on particular market segments.

Compared to television advertising, print advertising is relatively cheap. Local newspapers will appeal to regional businesses, while multinationals will look for the 'wow factor' that a national newspaper or magazine can offer. Magazines provide even greater value added with enhanced quality through glossy photographs and quality paper, appealing to high end and fashionable organisations.

Advantages of newspaper and magazine advertising

  • Good coverage - national or local options (local newspapers offer good geographical selection)
  • Can be used to convey a significant amount of information
  • Relatively cost-effective
  • Some targeting possible by knowing the profile (socio-economic group etc) of the readership of the newspaper or magazine
  • Readers have the opportunity to refer back to advertisements at a later date. Magazines, in particular, may be kept for long periods if they contain articles that readers wish to keep or refer to at a later stage

Disadvantages of newspaper and magazine advertising

  • Short lifespan - adverts may need to run for lengthy campaigns to ensure impact
  • Newspapers are more transitory in that news dates rapidly. Consumers are less likely to retain a newspaper for long
  • May be difficult to catch attention in amongst extensive advertising from other companies
  • Magazines tend to be overloaded with advertisements and this can lead to advertising clutter that the reader chooses to flick through and ignore.

To compete with digital output, most newspapers and magazines have their own website and some have ventured into the subscription market such as the Times Group and the Wall Street Journal offered as Apps on smartphones and e-readers such as the iPad.

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