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Vorsprung durch Technik

Audi known for its catchphrase, progress through technology, is employing cutting edge marketing techniques to promote its new Audi A1 model. Audi's corporate strategy is to place itself firmly in the same premium brand category as its rivals such as Mercedes and BMW.


Read the articles:

(you can do this in the windows below or follow the previous links to read the articles in a separate window) and then consider answers to the questions below.


Question 1

Describe the importance of innovation in the car market

Question 2

Outline Audi's marketing approaches for the Audi A1.

Question 3

Analyse the advantages and disadvantages for Audi if the demand for the Audi A1 exceeds production capacity.

Question 4

Evaluate the use of cutting edge marketing technologies to achieve Audi's corporate vision of "Audi: the number one premium brand,"