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Types of branding


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U.S. Store Brands - How Deep is the Love?

According to Nielsen, three-quarters of U.S. households believe store brands are a good alternative to name brands and nearly two-thirds of households say that store brand quality is just as good as name brands. (A C Neilson October 8, 2010)

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Why not investigate company brands a little further. Visit the Virgin web site and see how many different products and services they produce under the Virgin brand name. How many did you find?

Hint - when you are looking at a company site for financial information or general information about the firm, always look for a link to 'Investor information' or 'Corporate information' or 'About us'.



Family brands

Family brands are best described as:

Yes, that's correct. Well done. This accurately describes a family or group brand.No, that's not right. The correct answer is D as this accurately describes a family or group brand. A is the brand type known as 'own brand', whilst B is one of the ways in which big brands, often market leaders are put in front of the public. C is what are known as individual or named brands.Your answer has been saved.
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