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Brand loyalty

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Brand loyalty

Brand loyalty refers to a consumer's habitual preference for one brand compared to other similar available options and is measured in terms of repeat purchase behaviour irrespective of the marketing pressure generated by competing brands.

Brand loyalty is the ultimate goal of any firm and an aim for its marketing effort. If customers are brand loyal they perceive that the brand offers the right combination of quality and price to consistently repurchase and they may even be willing to promote the product though word of mouth advocacy.

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What Brand Are You?

This first edition of these topic notes included a link to a website called What Brand Are You? which is no longer available. The idea behind the website was to generate a brand name for a business after the visitor to the site typed in their name, and the 'core values' and goals of their intended firm. The 'supercomputer' would then generate a personalised brand name based on this information. The site was set up by the Design Conspiracy reacting to the increasing number of neologisms (made up brand names), such as Aviva, Corus and Diageo, created by large companies at the time. The site was a spoof as there was no supercomputer, and the names were randomly selected when the user hit the submit button from a list of about 150 names already made up by the founders of the site.

"We were just literally trying to think of the most stupid company names"

Ben Terrett, Design Conspiracy

However, according to a BBC story, twenty of the brand names were later registered as trademarks of real companies including Bivium, Libero, Ualeo, Winnovate, and Tempero. However, there has been doubt cast on this claim as it appears that some of the brand names had been registered before the What Brand Are You? site went live on June 11 2002. This confirmed by searching, the domain name information site, which reveals, for instance, that the domain name for Winnovate was registered before this on June 15, 2001.

You can read the BBC article about the site, Spoof brand names picked up for real in the window below, or follow the previous link to open the article in a new window.