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Branding - activities

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Group activity

Working in groups of 3 to 4 people:

Select three of the new designs for the activity that you find most interesting:

  1. Each individual on their own:
    1. Analyses why the redesign was necessary
    2. Chooses 5 words to describe both the old and the new logos e.g. characteristics like 'trustworthy', ' flexible', 'modern', 'dynamic', 'classic', strong', international', 'technological' and 'friendly'.
    3. Consider why the colour(s) were chosen

Then each individual:

  1. Compares their analysis and keywords with the rest of the group and explains why they interpreted the logo in the way they did.
  2. Discusses the similarities and differences between the group members and see an agreement be reached.

Each group share its thoughts with the other groups.

As a large group:

  1. Examine your school logo:
    1. Discuss its meanings and it strengths
    2. Consider whether it could be improved
    3. Prepare a brief for a redesign
  2. Select an artistic student or a group of artistic students and commission them to produce a new, or updated, logo (these could be art or design students)
  3. When the new logo is prepared, discuss whether it meets your brief and why.

Extension Activity

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Wolff Olins

Wolff Olins is the creative agency behind some of the world's biggest rebranding strategies. It was the agency that designed the 2012 Olympic logo for the UK, the new AoL logos and many more.

Visit the Wolff Olins site and watch its introductory video, which details some of its major design projects.

Produce a 1000 word report/case study on one of these design makeovers using the Wolff Olins site and further research on the Internet.